Very Inspiring People

Throughout our lives we meet people who inspire us. Giving us the desire to share their time and join them in their causes. At Atelier Bleu de Cocagne our “VIP‘s” express Creativity and Solidarity : core values in our approach. Our collaborations come naturally with a sincere desire for exchange and sharing.


BLEU DE COCAGNE - Very Inspiring People - SAKINA M'SA . FRONT DE MODE - ©Franck Mura

BLEU DE COCAGNE – Very Inspiring People – SAKINA M’SA . FRONT DE MODE – ©Franck Mura

Founder of the Front de Mode and creative director of her own brands, « Sakina M’Sa » and « Blue line », Sakina M’Sa has become a symbolic face of French Fashion. She was born in Comores, graduated from L’institut Supérieur de Mode in Marseille and has been living in the district of « La Goutte d’Or », a.k.a. the 18th district of Paris since 2004. Other than bringing life to colorful and exotic pieces, Sakina M’SA is also a supporter of solidarity Fashion and sustainability.


“We are not involved in this process because we come from a priviledged or under priviliged environment, nor by our need to do good deeds. We are involved because it is stronger than us, regardless of our origins. There’s an urgency to « contaminate » the planet with fair and authentic actions. Our creative inspiration and singularity comes from the beauty of  contemporary art, spirituality and poetry.” 



What does the Slow Fashion-Sustainable movement invoke in you ? A new horizon for a desired future

What does the color Blue mean to you ? Incandescent

What is the best occasion for you to wear the Kimono jacket ? A cool day strolling with my favorite book in Tokyo, NYC, Hong Kong, Shangai…

BLEU DE COCAGNE - Very Inspiring People - SAKINA M'SA. FRONT DE MODE - ©Franck Mura

BLEU DE COCAGNE – Very Inspiring People – SAKINA M’SA. FRONT DE MODE – ©Franck Mura

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