New product

100% Natural and Organic ingredients.

Enriched with 25% of Woad Oil.

Made by an Artisan in Ariège – France.

Content: 50ML 

29,00 €

Our Skin Care Oil contains 25% of Natural Woad Oil and Premium Organic Oils.

It has strong hydrating and regenerating benefits for normal and dry skins.

It can be used for facial and body treatment.

It penetrates quickly without leaving an oily effect.

Its essential oils give a delicate and spicy fragrance.

Cap stopper to control the dosing.


Vegetable Oil: Woad oil (25%), jojoba*oil, apricot seed* oil, sesame* oil
Essential Oils: Petit Grain Bigarade*, Palmarosa*, Sweet Orange* Vitamine E

* Organic ingredients

** Allergen naturally present in EO

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